Stay Tuned…

I have one child who loves classical music, another who can’t get enough Christian rap, and yet another whose musical tastes cover just about the entire spectrum in between. Christian rap may be a little hard to come by on the radio in our neck of the woods, but we do have a classical station that is broadcast from about 40 miles away. The pictured radio tower is quite near our home, but it broadcasts classic hits (not quite as classy as classical). As we drive closer to this tower, we get further from the station we’re trying to listen to, and the symphony starts getting a bit fuzzy! No matter how close we get to this tower, it will never help us pick up what we’re trying to listen for. The only way to clear that fuzz in the radio is to turn around and drive the other way, toward the source. Continue reading Stay Tuned…

Mending Fences

I pass by this fence every day during my morning commute. Poor thing! I think it needs some help! Due to neglect over time, it no longer serves any kind of purpose that I can see, other than providing a photographic opportunity. I wonder about its initial reason for being there.

What functions might any fence have? Might we have some invisible fences in our lives that need mending?   Continue reading Mending Fences

There’s a Storm Comin’!

One recent day when I took this picture, the sky was a very close mirror to my heart. Our family is facing a storm not unlike one we passed through last year. Our youngest son is facing another surgery within the next month or so, and that was not one of our goals for 2016! Continue reading There’s a Storm Comin’!

Directed Steps

This moss in our brick pathway is there year-round, but it really stands out in the fall and winter when many plants lose their green and go dormant for the colder months. From our towering heights as we walk by, it just adds a touch of character and texture to the visual landscape. But consider the perspective of an ant… Continue reading Directed Steps

Rock of Ages

When my daughter was very young, she had a moving sand art picture. A picture frame held blue water with different hues of blue sand, and when the frame was tipped over, the sand would fall to the new bottom and create a different landscape. I think I played with it more than she did!

Our lives can often feel like that picture frame. Continue reading Rock of Ages