Fruitcose Lichen

What is That?

So this thing fell out of a tree and onto our yard a few weeks ago. My husband and I couldn’t agree about what it was. I was positive it must be some type of moss, and he was just as certain that it was a type of lichen. So, thanks to Google, the point goes to…my dear husband!

I know you’re simply dying to know now, so I’ll enlighten you.  It’s a fruticose lichen.  Do you know what lichen actually is? Let me share my newfound knowledge with you! Lichen is formed by a fungus and an algae working together in a mutually beneficial relationship. The fungus provides the structure, and the algae makes the food. I think that is so cool! Maybe my initial question should have been, “What are they?”

I think this is an example of the way believers in Christ should live their lives. In our natural selves, we tend to build relationships with people based on what we have in common, but the church is full of people who are nothing alike outside of their love for God and for each other. Jesus said,

Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples (John 13:35).

This must be a different kind of love than the world normally sees, or it would be proof of nothing. Our love for one another in spite of our many differences should cause others to do a double take, and wonder.

This kind of agape love can only be known through action.  How can you live out this love Christ calls us to? Keep your eyes and ears open for new opportunities today to show His love. You will come away feeling blessed!

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