Pink Lady's Slipper

Spare Fuzzy Slipper, Anyone?

I walked by a number of these Pink Lady’s Slippers in the woods this morning. Quite an interesting flower!

Did you know that Lady’s Slippers will only grow in the presence of a certain fungus in the soil? The fungus breaks open the seed and attaches to it, and passes on food and nutrients. Once the flower is older and making its own food, it will return the favor, feeding the fungus through its roots!

It’s a sneaky flower, too. In order to get pollinated, it tricks bees inside with its bright color and sweet smell. Once inside, there is no nectar! The bee is rewarded for visiting by being allowed to leave via the exit door, conveniently located near the pollen the flower needs to exchange.

God’s creation is full of surprises!

This is my second entry into the Photo Challenge: Spare as I had too much fun with it! Thank you for visiting.

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