10 thoughts on “One of Many -Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge”

    1. I don’t really know. We planted the onion sets in our garden last year, and they never really got big enough to cook with. We left them there over the winter and let them go to seed this year. What a pretty surprise!

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      1. I reckon these onions were just meant to be pretty flowers. 🙂

        I hope that my tomato plants will do the same thing if they aren’t going to give me tomatoes. Pretty flowers are better than nothing. It is taking FOREVER! There’s not even a peep of a blossom on them yet.


      2. My husband grew them when we were in SC and doesn’t remember the details about timings. This is my first time in charge of tomatoes here in Texas. Last year they were drowned in the flood. This year, they have survived two floods already and are taller than I am. 🙂 Once they do get the blossoms, how long is it before the tomatoes to show up? And how long after they show up before they can be eaten? Thank you. Have a blessed week!


      3. I’m in New England, so I’m sure the timing would be different because of your longer growing season. Sounds like a great question for Google! 😁
        I actually like to eat green tomatoes sliced, coated in flour, and fried in oil until crispy. I think it’s an acquired taste, something I grew up eating… my family won’t touch it! It’s too tart for them. So they’re actually safe to eat before most people would like them, but when they’re red and ripe, you can easily twist them off the plant. I hope you get a great crop this year!

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      4. Thank you. We love fried green tomatoes, too. 🙂
        Google is great, but sometimes it is nice to hear from others in the trenches. Your trenches are way colder than ours, I’m sure. Our heat index was 109 today. 🙂


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