In the fall I planted flower bulbs, and promptly forgot what I planted. These crocuses were a welcome surprise when they popped up, and finally popped open! After the dreariness of winter, they are a sure sign that the weather really will improve.

Today is rainy, cold and windy, and my crocuses are closed up against the elements. But I have seen their promise that warmer temperatures are right around the corner! I just have to wait and be patient. There’s nothing I can do to speed things up, I simply have to wait.

Here we are, doing what we can to protect lives by staying home. There’s nothing we can do to make this process go any faster except hunker down and stay away from people. We simply have to wait.

But this season of waiting will itself come to an end one day! It won’t last forever. My flowers are a reminder that one day soon the world will open again, and we’ll be out and about visiting friends and relatives. When our freedom returns, we’ll have a new appreciation for so many things!!

Just as the world has seasons, our lives have seasons, too. Winter is not my favorite, but it passes. This season will pass in time, as well.

Thank you, God, for flowers, and for the reminder!

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