March Readers’ Top Picks

April has arrived true to form, watering my flower seeds for me almost every day and saving me from having to make trips around the yard with my watering can. It’s also providing me with a few more days to try to finish up indoor projects before warm, sunny, outdoor painting project days arrive!

Let’s see which post won the most likes in March, shall we? Once again we have a tie for fourth place!!

#4: Of Dogs and Coyotes

Dog tracks in the snow

I wrote this post after seeing a coyote just outside our fence line one night. My dog could not wait to get back inside, let me tell you!

What do dog and coyote footprints have in common with our Christian walk?

#4: Controlled Listening

There is a group of people that has astounded me with their ability to listen well before responding calmly to serious accusations . . . twice!

Man's ear close to a cactus

#3: Accosted

After a month of scrolling through my Twitter feed and putting it together with modern-day, real-life happenings, these are a few things I want to know.

#2: Growth Habits

What do azaleas and life have in common?

Azalea branch growth

And March’s winning post is . . .

#1: Crossing Bridges

Life bridges bring change, some instantly and others over time. Some we cross gripping the handrails with white knuckles, others we dance across to the other side.

Now It’s Your Turn!

Which post was your favorite? Feel free to share it with someone else who might enjoy reading!

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