Three featured photos from blog posts: cactus, canyon river, and rose blossom

November Readers’ Top Picks

Welcome to December! Let’s look back at what your favorite posts were in November before we jump headlong into the Christmas season.

#3: Kayaking through the Canyon

Hubby and I spent three days with friends on the Colorado River, and I wrote about it to help myself remember our adventure.

Looks like you enjoyed the journey, too!

I had to get creative for picking our winner because we had a tie for first place! I normally use the number of likes to rank posts. Then when there’s a tie, I use the number of comments. The next two posts had ties on both.

So I had to turn to percentages! How many likes out of how many views gave us these rankings for first and second place.

#2: Beware the Cactus!

I began this post sharing pictures I took and interesting tidbits I learned about cactuses growing in Arizona.

Then I considered how should we handle prickly, grumpy people!

Closeup of jumping cholla cactus with sun setting in background

And the winner is . . .

#1: A Rosy Performance

Orange rose blossom

“We find value in many things that don’t actually do anything. They just exist.And yet when it comes to ourselves and others, we determine value based on performance. Why is that? It’s certainly not the way God views us.”

Check out our winning post, and be encouraged today!

And if you don’t follow this blog yet, now’s a great day to start! I get inspiration for many of my posts from the world around me, especially those things that we may not have time to notice during our hectic everyday lives. I love to learn, and to share what I discover as I wander along this journey of life.

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