Sunset over the ocean

The Joy of Light

WordPress is hosting the Bloganuary writing challenge, and here I am jumping in with today’s prompt: “What brings you joy in life?”

Seeing Light

One thing that fills me with joy is sunlight after a long stretch of rainy weather. The light rays are beautiful streaming through the clouds as they dissipate on their way out of town!

I also enjoy the bright, dancing flames of a roaring campfire, along with the glowing light of the coals as it dies down.

The flickering light of a candle brings me joy, especially when it’s accompanied by a pleasant scent wafting through the room.

Light to See

How often do you think about the two orbs in your head that perceive everything through light and its interactions with the objects around us? It’s incredibly easy to take something so unbelievably complex for granted when we depend on it every waking moment.

God created light itself (Genesis 1:3), our eyes and their amazing ability to see (Psalm 139:13-15), and everything in between. Our vision is cause for joy!

Finding Joy in the Light

Maybe this week you’ll be able to slow down and remember to enjoy all the things you can see around you, and consider how much we depend on the presence of light to see each one.

I’ll share a few pictures I’ve taken of light over the past few years for your perusal.

My blog plan for this year is to relate my posts to the days of creation. In January and February I’m aiming to write quite a bit about light! Subscribe below, and follow along to see how well I do. This should be fun!

As a thank you for reading, here’s a free, absolutely unrelated printable (unless you count needing light to read by :-D) to help you celebrate National Soup Month this January.

Print as many copies as you’d like, and let me know what kinds of soup you end up making! So far this week at our house we’ve had White Chicken Chili, Curried Beef over Rice, and Beef Stew. Three is a lot for one week, but hot bowls of yummy goodness are just what a cold January calls for.

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