Bright sunrise showing through winter trees

Many Things I Love to See

I’m in the midst of two months of writing about light, that mysterious medium that allows us to SEE!

I’ve got five minutes to write, so let’s find out how many things I can list:

  1. The light of smiles in my grandsons’ eyes
  2. Sunlight glimmering through raindrops resting on flower petals
  3. The first flowering weeds peeking through blades of grass in the spring
  4. Rainbows
  5. Flocks of birds dancing through the air
  6. Grins of understanding when preschoolers begin to understand humor
  7. The baby greens of spring leaves adorning trees
  8. Swirling clouds on a windy day
  9. Busy honeybees
  10. Flowers swaying in the sunshine
  11. My dog’s loving gaze
  12. The first ospreys soaring overhead after winter
  13. Old buildings
  14. Families playing together
  15. Sunrises and sunsets

Time’s up! What are some of your favorite things to see? Today is a great day to thank God for the gift of light that allows you to see them!

This post was a response to Kate’s Five Minute Friday prompt, “Many.” Want to see how others responded? Join in here!

9 thoughts on “Many Things I Love to See”

  1. One thing to bring true delight,
    something that I love to see,
    is a fist launched in a fight
    coming very straight at me,
    ’cause then I’m in a happy place,
    hedged with blessing and with luck,
    for seeing, I have time and space
    to react and quickly duck
    in hopes that the other guy
    will throw too hard and overreach,
    which will leave him asking Why,
    when my right cross comes to teach
    a most firm and salutary lesson,
    it was me with whom he’s messin’.

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  2. Thank you for making me think of the many beautiful things in creation. My response to your question is ‘all of the above’ – you made such a great list. I love looking for treasures in Spring, now we have daylight for noticeably longer each day. I delight to see children’s expressiveness, smiles, flowers, trees, rivers, lakes and seas and the sky – by day and by night. #15

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  3. These are great things to see. Your post reminds me that I need to choose to see glimmers of light in the midst of difficulties. Visiting from FMF #16 this week.

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