Watch Your Step!


My husband and I took five days in October to hike the mountains of western Massachusetts. We thought the autumn would be a beautiful opportunity to spend some time surrounded by the colors of the season. What we didn’t predict was the amount of leaves on the trail that became almost treacherous after  the rain began!  Added to the wet leaves were the wet rocks sometimes hidden beneath the leafy blanket.  In spite of wearing great hiking boots, I wiped out more than one time when my footing was not as sure as I expected it to be. Continue reading Watch Your Step!

Fallen Lives

I am not generally one to address current events, but today I will share my raw inner angst. Yesterday’s coordinated attacks in Paris struck a nerve that hasn’t been touched in quite a while. There have been plenty of opportunities to be affected, but somehow my mind boxed them all up as impersonal, somewhere-else-events. Continue reading Fallen Lives

Veterans Day

A few weeks ago, I blogged about white pine trees. If you could get a bird’s eye view of a nice patch of woods, white pines are the ones you would see popping up above the surrounding trees. They grow tall and straight…unless, of course, they are growing along the coast, pummeled by the constant winds blowing in from the ocean. They twist and turn in all different directions as they grow, but their growth is not halted by their surroundings. Continue reading Veterans Day