In honor of our local snowy welcome to spring, I thought I’d write another snowy post!

Looking out on a yard of pristine, freshly-fallen snow brings such a sense of serenity. Everything looks so peaceful, fresh, and clean (especially from inside, while I’m drinking a hot cup of cocoa). But then…the perfectly smooth landscape is disturbed by someone who dares to walk through it!! Continue reading Disturbances


Tracks or ripples? Your mind can play tricks on you! Here’s another look…


Your perspective can change your perception.

From what perspective are you looking at your life right now? From a mountain or a valley…climbing up or sliding down…sailing along serenely or being tossed by the waves…fighting or hiding…hungry or satisfied…

Continue reading Perception

Stay Tuned…

I have one child who loves classical music, another who can’t get enough Christian rap, and yet another whose musical tastes cover just about the entire spectrum in between. Christian rap may be a little hard to come by on the radio in our neck of the woods, but we do have a classical station that is broadcast from about 40 miles away. The pictured radio tower is quite near our home, but it broadcasts classic hits (not quite as classy as classical). As we drive closer to this tower, we get further from the station we’re trying to listen to, and the symphony starts getting a bit fuzzy! No matter how close we get to this tower, it will never help us pick up what we’re trying to listen for. The only way to clear that fuzz in the radio is to turn around and drive the other way, toward the source. Continue reading Stay Tuned…

Mending Fences

I pass by this fence every day during my morning commute. Poor thing! I think it needs some help! Due to neglect over time, it no longer serves any kind of purpose that I can see, other than providing a photographic opportunity. I wonder about its initial reason for being there.

What functions might any fence have? Might we have some invisible fences in our lives that need mending?   Continue reading Mending Fences