Ancient Wisdom

I searched through a few handfuls of change, and only found one coin older than I am! But above the number, I saw these words:

We love money because of what we can trade it for. Some things are necessary–food, clothing, and shelter, to begin with. But when we put our trust in it to save us from catastrophe, we’re on a sinking ship!

Money is a tool to be used wisely. Any tool used foolishly can be a cause of destruction, intended or not.

“In God We Trust” has been imprinted on U.S. coins since 1864. That seems like a long time ago! But trust misplaced has been an issue for much longer. The Israelites of old watched God deliver them time and again, without the use of their wallets. David wrote, “Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God” (Psalm 20:7). They may not have been in the same playing field in the eyes of the nations surrounding them, but they knew where their strength and deliverance came from!

Next time you have money in your hand, remember…”IN GOD WE TRUST.”

Photo Challenge: Numbers


In honor of our local snowy welcome to spring, I thought I’d write another snowy post!

Looking out on a yard of pristine, freshly-fallen snow brings such a sense of serenity. Everything looks so peaceful, fresh, and clean (especially from inside, while I’m drinking a hot cup of cocoa). But then…the perfectly smooth landscape is disturbed by someone who dares to walk through it!! Continue reading Disturbances


Tracks or ripples? Your mind can play tricks on you! Here’s another look…


Your perspective can change your perception.

From what perspective are you looking at your life right now? From a mountain or a valley…climbing up or sliding down…sailing along serenely or being tossed by the waves…fighting or hiding…hungry or satisfied…

Continue reading Perception

There’s a Storm Comin’!

One recent day when I took this picture, the sky was a very close mirror to my heart. Our family is facing a storm not unlike one we passed through last year. Our youngest son is facing another surgery within the next month or so, and that was not one of our goals for 2016! Continue reading There’s a Storm Comin’!

Directed Steps

This moss in our brick pathway is there year-round, but it really stands out in the fall and winter when many plants lose their green and go dormant for the colder months. From our towering heights as we walk by, it just adds a touch of character and texture to the visual landscape. But consider the perspective of an ant… Continue reading Directed Steps