The Perfect Summer Day

This morning started out like my favorite kind of summer morning, although we’ve still got over a month to wait for official summer to arrive. The only thing missing was a slightly warmer temperature!

A perfect summer morning begins after an overnight soaking rain, the sky slowly clearing to make way for the sun.

Tiny raindrops cling to flower petals, creating miniature visions of an upside-down world.

Sunshine begins warming the soil, which in turn sends up an earthy fragrance of praise to God as if to say, “Thank you for the refreshment!”

The grass everywhere is a deep emerald green, a hue only seen after the rain.

The birds begin singing their morning melodies, trying to outdo one another in praising God for another day of life.

The air slowly warms with the sunrise, and invites deep cleansing breaths to begin the day afresh.

Now it’s your turn!

What does a just-right summer day look like to you? I’d love to hear about it!

Today I wrote in response to the Hope*Writers May 3 prompt to describe my perfect summer day.

Join the Chorus!


I grew up in a family, both immediate and extended, that loves to sing. We had it all covered–soprano, alto, tenor and bass–and the harmony to bring it all together! Since we loved to sing, I also grew up in the church choir. I still love to sing! You won’t find me making any recordings, that’s for sure, but singing with a bunch of other people just brings me ¬†joy.

David loved to sing, too… Continue reading Join the Chorus!