I’ve only got a few weeks to go before I see some of these signs that spring has really arrived, growing right in my backyard! Soon the dandelions will start popping up like little balls of sunshine all over the place. Both violets and dandelions sprout up and display beauty on their own, whether we want them to or not. They’re native to our part of the world, and thrive with no help from us!

Photo by Natalia Luchanko on Unsplash

God created them, and many humans despise them. These little plants grow large and interfere with perfectly manicured lawns, so we try to eradicate them. How sad!

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could simply enjoy their beauty instead? I mean, just look at all of the stunning details of each flower! They’re astonishing pieces of artwork!

If God can create such astounding works of art in simple flowers, then you, my friend, are a breathtaking masterpiece. God created you to flourish right where He’s placed you. You may not have been born and raised in the locale you find yourself now, but He knew where you would be each day of your life.

You were created to thrive in his light, feasting on the bread of his Word, with roots growing deep in his love. All of those provisions can be carried with you wherever you go. With that, you are native anywhere you find yourself!

Your worldview may be accosted by others, and they may even try to snuff out your life because of your belief in Jesus Christ. But you are more than what this world sees in your temporary, earthly body. You carry with you the seeds of eternity.

herbert-goetsch-SGKQh9wNgAk-unsplash (1)
Photo by Herbert Goetsch on Unsplash

In the current state of fear running amok through society, know that we can have a drastically different reaction to the chaos. As you follow direction from health professionals, choose peace and trust that can only be found in your Creator, Sustainer, Provider, and Healer. Your life is ultimately in his hands, beginning to end.

You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.

Psalm 139:16



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