Brussels 10, Sprouts 2

Okay, seriously, you can’t compare a city to a vegetable. That’s ridiculous, right?

But I’ve got to keep my word and update you on my January produce pick! In What’s the Agenda? I shared my goal for 2021 of expanding my palate horizons by trying one new produce item each month (I’m 50 years old. It’s about time I was brave!). January’s vegetable trial was Brussels Sprouts.

My husband and I took a trip to Brussels, Belgium in 2019 while he was on sabbatical.

Isn’t he handsome??

Brussels sprouts may have originated in that area, and we may have been there for a brief time, but I must say I never ate Brussels sprouts in Brussels. The idea never even crossed my mind. The Belgian waffles had my eye at the time!

I guess I’ll have to go back for a visit one day. Perhaps I’ll remember the sprouts in the land of waffles . . .

Sprout Findings:

On to my report. My first attempt involved roasting the sprouts, as found in a recipe by Erin on Not bad! I would make them again, but probably not every week.

Erin also provides a recipe for Sauteed Brussels Sprouts using the cast iron skillet. We tried these last night, and they did not measure up to the roasted, as there was still a strong sprout flavor to them. No idea what I did wrong, as it’s only my second time cooking them at all!

In the end the city of Brussels, seeped in history and beauty, wins out over the vegetable by miles and miles. But I did give the sprouts 2 points for ease of preparation and being better roasted than I was afraid of!

Next month’s vegetable is the turnip . . . any suggestions?? Share them in the comments below!

What is something you were afraid to try, but then discovered it better than you feared?

Featured Photo by Keenan Loo on Unsplash

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