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Scripture Writing Resources

One of the ways we can interact more deeply with the Bible when we read is by taking the time to write out specific verses that impact us.

I have recently joined two groups via Facebook that encourage writing out Scripture verses, each with a different focus. I will share them with you and invite you along for the journeys if you’re interested!

Farm Girl Journals

Farm Girl Journals is a company that provides resources on how to study Scripture, as well as selling products that may be useful in your study journey.

The Farm Girl Journals Facebook page provides a Scripture writing challenge for every day of the week. After writing the scripture, you take a picture of what you’ve written and post it on that particular post as a comment with a hashtag (right now we’re coming to the end of the #fgjadventchallenge).

Handwritten Isaiah 60:19-20

The writing challenge provides different scriptures, a verse or two a day, that align with a particular theme. November’s verses were related to giving thanks, and the challenge for December into January has to do with the birth of Jesus.

I try to write for this challenge each morning, as one or two verses is quite doable before I jump into my day.

I joined in because posting pictures of my writing added a layer of accountability. I knew there was some sort of prize drawing each week, but wasn’t really focused on that.

Lo and behold, I won a few weeks ago! Here is what arrived in the mail yesterday after the crazy shipping season of the holidays:

Isn’t it pretty? It’s perfect for the lady who loves flowers (me, me!!)! They have a ton of other cover options as well.

Here’s a description from their website:

“A Guided Prayer Journal for Intentional Quiet Time

  • guides users through a daily quiet time routine including praise, thanksgiving, confession, repentance and requests
  • contains 100 pages and is spiral bound 
  • entry pages are printed on beautiful 80# paper that stands up to most pens without bleed through
  • extra sturdy 10 mil laminated cover
  • includes a section on how to use the journal
  • the journal can be used on its own or with any Bible Study, devotional, or reading plan”

I’m excited to add this new resource to my schedule!

Note: As of January 10, this challenge has been changed to a Bible Verse Memory Challenge, which is another important aspect of spiritual development. Join in the fun!

Scribes of the Scriptures

I joined this group at the beginning of the year after being invited through Beth AndrewsNew Year’s Resolutions post.

The aim of members of this group is to write out Scripture–ALL of it! This will take a long time to accomplish, but the rewards are already worth it!

Handwritten Genesis 1:27-31

Great discussions come up each day related to that day’s passage, which is several verses long and fills one 5×7 lined journal page each day in my handwriting.

I’ve begun writing these daily passages in the evening, providing my mind with something life-giving at the end of busy days!

I appreciate this group, because zooming out a bit on a group of verses helps in understanding the larger context. Writing every day increases the awareness of how things fit together in the overall big picture.

Make me walk along the path of your commands, for that is where my happiness is found.

Psalm 119:35

Now it’s your turn to share your thoughts with us!

Do you make a habit of writing out Scripture?

What is your favorite way to interact with what you’ve read each day?

Do you have any other favorite resources you use that could help us along on our Bible reading journey?

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