Bright yellow daffodil covered in raindrops

Deny: Five Minute Friday Prompt

I cannot deny that I awoke this morning under a cloud to the sound of raindrops beating on the windows. Creation itself seemed to be weeping this Good Friday.

The cloud hovered over my head even as I went through my morning routine and on to shopping for the day.

Today we remember the price Jesus paid for all the ways we’ve missed the mark and fallen short of God’s perfection. He paid the price to reconcile us back to himself.

He had earlier told his disciples to “Deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow me.” I wonder if they thought that was just an expression! They weren’t thinking in literal terms back then.

Today, how can we take up our crosses and follow Jesus as we live out a ministry of reconciliation between God and those around us? What can we lay aside that has no eternal value, and what price are we willing to pay for the sake of others?

Crosses have splinters. They’re heavy. Carrying one can be exhausting.

Are we willing to carry our cross, following the example of our Savior who carried his (which he didn’t deserve at all)?

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11 thoughts on “Deny: Five Minute Friday Prompt”

  1. The crosses borne are splintery,
    and their weight takes all our breath,
    but in the wood lies mystery
    of conquest of our death,
    a victory we cannot earn
    in the years we’re livin’,
    for we have to pause and learn
    that it was freely given
    when the Christ put out His hands
    for angry men to bind,
    men who could not understand,
    the men hatred did blind
    to the Godhead in their midst,
    she Saviour who did not resist

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  2. Yes, I think the disciples were in denial about the cost of following Jesus. Peter certainly was and the others couldn’t grasp what Jesus was trying to say to them in the lead up to His death when he would say in a little while I won’t be hear etc

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  3. I understand! It hailed this morning and it’s rained and snowed off and on. And then,…I immediately thought of this day and the fact that by weekend’s end the curtain had been torn top to bottom! Oh, what a Savior we serve! Have a blessed Resurrection Weekend!

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