Kingdom Race Theology: God’s Answer to Our Racial Crisis [Review]

I’m branching out around here, and expanding my horizons! Book reviews haven’t been my forte of late (read “ever”), but I’m diving in and trying something new.

I began reading Kingdom Race Theology the week after the shooting at a grocery store in Buffalo, NY, in which an 18-year-old with white supremacy ideas swirling around his head shot and killed ten people and injured three others.

I wondered how this could happen after over two years of racial reconciliation work in our country. Had we made any forward movement at all? It was a good time to start reading what Dr. Tony Evans has to say on the matter of the racial crisis in our nation.

Kingdom Race Theology is a short summary of Dr. Evans’ longer work, Oneness Embraced: A Kingdom Race Theology for Reconciliation, Unity and Justice. This shorter work introduces why we need a Kingdom Race Theology, what “Kingdom Race Theology” means, what it’s focused on, and how we can put it into practice.

I appreciate that from the beginning, Dr. Evans takes the time to define exactly what he means when he uses some terms that have been used by various groups to communicate very different ideas. For example, he spells out his definitions for terms such as racism and systemic racism, among many others.

I also appreciate the space devoted to summarizing various theories and viewpoints floating around society today attempting to explain why and how we got here, and what they say about how we should proceed out of the mess we’re in.

As a pastor, Dr. Evans writes from a biblical worldview, and believes that all social theories should be examined through the lens of Scripture. As a follower of Christ, I agree with that stand. But with competing calls for action ringing loudly in my head from various Christian organizations, I have often been left feeling paralyzed about what my response should be to our current racial climate.

In the final chapter of the book, Dr. Evans lists practical steps for Black Christians, White Christians, and churches to take toward reaching reconciliation and building unity in the Kingdom of God. As God’s Kingdom begins to follow His laws of righteousness and justice, we will become a shining example for the rest of society.

After reading this short book, I feel that I have a better handle on how we got into this mess as a nation, as well as a better understanding of what can truly be done to further the work toward reconciliation.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review.

6 thoughts on “Kingdom Race Theology: God’s Answer to Our Racial Crisis [Review]”

  1. I must admit, I like Tony Evens and his ministry. I have listened to him for a number of years and I like the way he exegesis the biblical scriptures. The analogies that he often makes has brought me to many “ah ha” moments. I’ll be looking forward to reading “Kingdom Race Theory”

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