May Readers’ Top Picks

May’s monthly collection will be a shorter list than normal. I was out of town a bit this month, so I have fewer posts to choose from. Instead of the top five, I’ll share the top three favorites.

#3: Seven Years?!?

Coming in third place is another list post! It was posted the day after my seventh blogging anniversary. In it I shared the most-viewed post of each year since my blog’s launch in 2015.

This was a fun reminiscing journey back in time for me!

#2: Where Have I Been??

I mentioned earlier that I’d been out of town a bit in May. This post tells more about my travels from New England to Virginia and Tennessee and back again.

And the winner is . . .

#1: Goals!

Have you lost your mind over something insignificant and then wondered where on earth that response came from? You are not alone!

In this post I share an example of how I’m still on a journey of becoming more like Christ. None of us will be perfected this side of eternity, but we can continue to work toward the goal of learning to be like Jesus.

In Other May News:

I’m excited to share this new resource with you!

Are you a writer who needs an extra dose of encouragement to either begin writing again or simply continue on your creative journey? This book is filled with 62 Scripture-based, encouraging devotions from various Christian authors, and I am honored to be included.

Copies of “The Courage to Write” are now available on Amazon.

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