Just Show Up!


The familiar sound of metal on metal with no screeching tires beforehand made me jump up from the kitchen table and run out to the corner.

Thankfully, no blood to be seen anywhere, and everyone was conscious. I called 911, and the dispatcher asked me a few questions while sending out the police and paramedics.

I checked on everyone involved to make sure they were okay. One was sitting on our rock wall in shock, and I asked if she was cold. She nodded yes, so I ran into the house and grabbed a blanket. When I brought it out she left it on the wall, not using it to get warm again. I realized after a bit that she doesn’t speak English, so she had no idea what I was asking! Probably wondered what the blanket was all about.

A few minutes later I ran back into the house for bottles of water because someone was thirsty.

I stayed out at the corner in case I could run into the house again for anything else while emergency services and tow trucks cleared the scene.

What If . . .

I’m not sharing this morning’s excitement to brag, but what if I’d decided to stay and enjoy my coffee while “someone else” showed up to handle the situation?

Besides being hard-hearted, I would have missed a few things.

  1. I met someone who works at the local high school, who asked about our honeybees while we waited for things to conclude.
  2. Even better–I got to see my neighbor, who only walks down to our corner when she hears an accident from her house. I haven’t seen her in months, and it was good to reconnect!
  3. Even better better–I got to meet the newest person in the neighborhood!! My neighbor introduced me to her itty bitty granddaughter I didn’t even know about, and I have to tell you, I squealed with delight. I’m sure the people on scene for the accident were wondering what I was so enthusiastic about! Didn’t I know this was a serious time??

So today’s encouragement is to just show up. You never know how God will work through it to bless you more than you bless others!

This has been today’s installment of the Five Minute Friday Link-Up! Today’s writing prompt was “SHOW”.

11 thoughts on “Just Show Up!”

  1. Just show up and get it done,
    stay until everyone leaves.
    It might not be lots of fun,
    but for someone who believes,
    that is example Jesus set;
    He could have walked away,
    but He went and took Dad’s bet
    for His dying day.
    You may not have a bloody cross
    waiting on a hill for you,
    but don’t show up and it’s your loss,
    and I do believe it true
    that what Christ did do save us all
    is more than blessing… it’s a call.

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