In Whom is Your Covering?

Today’s post was written by a published author who also happens to be a friend of mine. Michelle LaRowe Conover lives out her faith in the raw, messy places of life that many folks don’t get to see. She also makes an impact on her community by getting involved, and affects change with courage where possible. I am proud to welcome her to this space!

In Whom is Your Covering?

It was that time of year again. My turn to visit the clinic for my annual mammogram had come. As both my mother and my maternal grandmother developed breast cancer later in life, the older I get, the more anxiety my annual screening exam seems to bring.

As I got changed into the hospital-issued gown, both impressed that the receptionist provided me with a “normal” sized gown and agitated that even with my significant weight loss, it was still too tight to comfortably leave the changing room in, I pulled myself together enough to fumble my way through the awkward appointment.

Back in my own clothes, I checked out. As I stepped out of the over-airconditioned building and into the hot afternoon sun, the heaviness that can accompany the unknown hit me.

What if I get called back and need to have a biopsy?

Who will care for my children and family if they find something wrong?

Would being diagnosed with breast cancer disqualify me from the things I needed and wanted to do?

And as I looked up to cross the parking lot, it was like God spoke.

In Whom is Your Covering?

In the mulch of the perfectly landscaped lawn, I saw a hydrangea bush. Hydrangeas are my absolute favorite thing about summers on this side of the bridge.  When they bloom, they are vibrant and full and scream classic Cape Cod. But they are also quite finicky. They tend to like morning sun and need a little afternoon shade. If they get too much direct afternoon sunlight, they simply don’t thrive. Their blooms shrivel up and become a remnant of what they could be.

I noticed on this particular hydrangea bush, there were about a half dozen blooms. While most were off-color, pale and drying up, one stood out. Under the shade of the nearby tall, arched, ornamental grass was a bloom in its full glory. Bright, blue, and full, under the protection of its shelter, this bloom was thriving. It was what it was supposed to be.

In whom was my covering?

In Psalm 5, King David prays for those who trust in the Lord – that we would experience the joy, love, and protection that he experienced in his relationship with Him.

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may rejoice in you.

Psalm 5:11 NIV

In whom will I trust to protect and nurture me? Where will I run for shelter?

I will trust Him and run to Him, as that is where I will thrive and find joy, and where I can become who I am supposed to be.

Michelle LaRowe Conover is a wife, mother and foster mother who lives on Cape Cod. She is the author of Nanny to the Rescue! and Working Mom’s 411. She has shared her parenting advice in print, on radio and on television. You can learn more about Michelle at

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