Road blocked by construction signs and someone directing traffic

Road Closed!

For better or worse, it is what it is.

This is the view from the road in front of our house.

Road blocked by construction signs and someone directing traffic

It’s been the way of things for a month, and I’m thinking it will be for at least another. The town has decided it’s time to put sewer in neighborhoods near local bodies of water, so lucky us!

For better: we’ll be helping to protect the local water supply from overworked septic tanks and such. That is important, I fully agree.

For worse: we get to foot the bill for installation and hook-up to the sewer line from our house to the road, which will be over $10,000. No ifs, ands, or buts, and no wiggling our way out of it.

For better: the cost will be broken up over a few years, so we won’t have to pay the whole thing up front.

For worse: we’ll also be adding a water treatment bill to our budget.

For better: the drop in traffic noise has been quite lovely during the day all through September!

For worse: the trip to the pharmacy and the dump takes more time following the long detour around the construction.

Could this have come at a better economic time? I’m sure we would have moaned and complained about the cost no matter when it happened. But we have no choice, so pay up we will (no matter how slowly).

Detours along life’s road

How do we handle the detours that surprise us in life? We’ve got plans to get somewhere, and roadblocks spring up seemingly from out of nowhere.

Do we feel sorry for ourselves, then moan and whine on the way to the ice cream shop to feel better about it somehow?

Do we just pull over and stop on the side of the road, refusing to go on?

Do we make a U-turn and just go back to where we started from?

I think it would be good to remember this when we get surprised by road closures:

A manโ€™s steps are from the LORD; how then can man understand his way?

Proverbs 20:24 ESV

Who are we to say that God didn’t put that detour in our path? Maybe there’s something we need down a different road! Perhaps there’s a lesson to learn, an opportunity for growth, or a chance to pick someone else up on their journey. It could be that the most beautiful flower garden you’ve ever seen is down that detour!!

We may have no idea why the road ahead is closed, but God does. He also knows what he has along the detour route for us, and why we’re the ones he picked to go down that road.

Take some time to think about some of the detours you’ve had to take in your own life. What did you take away from the experience? It can’t be all bad!!

This was written in response to Kate’s Five Minute Friday Writing Prompt, which happens to be “Road.” What would you write using that word? Check out her link-up, and join in the fun!

10 thoughts on “Road Closed!”

  1. Thank you Lauri.
    I think my first reaction is to moan when my careful plan is blocked and the road is closed, but nowadays I usually take less time to readjust, to remember that God, who sees the bigger picture, the true picture, is in full control, was not surprised, and has all best interests, His purposes in mind.

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  2. Goin’ to the Ice Cream Shoppe
    to get me some comfort food
    that I’m sure is gonna stop
    this dejected tired mood
    that came upon me when I saw
    (rising as a digi-ghost)
    what should be ‘gainst God’s own law,
    no single Like upon my post!
    Well, I never, I declare,
    how can readers be so dumb?
    I had writ the thing with care,
    and to further make me glum
    the Shoppe was out of French Vanilla,
    so tonight I’ll cry into my pillow.

    Liked by 1 person

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