September Readers' Top Picks, with photos

September Readers’ Top Picks

Here we are in October, and autumn has come early to our neck of the woods. It’s windy and cold out there (to me)! So I’ll sit inside where it’s warm, and gather your favorite posts from September. Here we go!

#3: The Indomitable Trumpet Vine

Trumpet Vine Blooms

The trumpet vine is not limited to one method of multiplication.

“As followers of Christ, what if we considered all of the different ways we could encourage new growth in those around us?”

#2: Fall Forward!

Some trees respond to drought by conserving resources and dropping leaves earlier in the autumn.

How should we respond when our own resources of time, energy, health, or money fall short?

Short tree with red leaves in front of green woods

And the winner is . . .

#1: Road Closed!

A lesson from right outside my window!

Road blocked by construction signs and someone directing traffic

“How do we handle the detours that surprise us in life? We’ve got plans to get somewhere, and roadblocks spring up seemingly from out of nowhere.”

Which post was your favorite? Share in the comments below!

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