Webster's new World Dictionary, Concise Edition (1960) lying open on a desk

Erudite: Wednesday Words

I must say that I am nonerudite about a great many things, even things I once knew.

I take great pleasure in discovering new facts about how creation works together, but my memory is weak (and has been for most of my life). That weakness can be entertaining because I get to rediscover with almost as much delight as I felt with the initial discovery!

Close up of erudite on a dictionary page
From Webster’s New World Dictionary, Concise Edition ©1960

As you read my blog, you may learn new things shortly after I’ve discovered them for myself. I get so excited, I have to share what I’ve found! I may seem to be writing eruditely, but be sure that if you ask me questions about that information next week I’ll remember the general concept of the post, but the details may be quite blurry in my mind.

Close up of eruditely entry on a dictionary page
From Webster’s New World Dictionary, Concise Edition ©1960

Way back in the olden days of college life, I was surrounded by learned, well-spoken and well-written folks. My own speaking and writing took on a tone of moderate eruditeness simply because I was immersed in that environment of higher education. It felt rude and pompous to speak the same way once I returned to the “real world” of blue collar life, and those thought patterns slowly faded from my mind.

And there you have my first Wednesday Words post (click the link to read about my undertaking). I’d love to have you along for the fun!

Write a post using the word “erudite,” and include a link back to this post so I don’t miss your creation. Let’s improve our craft together!

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