Webster's new World Dictionary, Concise Edition (1960) lying open on a desk

2022 in Review: Wednesday Words Edition

On October 19 I published my first “Wednesday Words” post, using the word erudite.

Since then I’ve written seven more posts using words I discovered while reading that I’d never seen before or didn’t know.

I’ll list them all here along with their definitions in case you’re curious! Tap each Wednesday Word to be taken to the post to see how I used each one.


possessing or exhibiting great knowledge or learning

My memory has definitely affected my eruditeness since my college days. These review posts help me remember more of what I’ve learned this year!


spacious and roomy

“Capacious” took me back to childhood memories.


stingy or frugal

How does parsimony fit in with following Jesus?


refusal to change views or agree about something

I share something that I am firmly intransigent about!


something that is detested

Here I list a few detestations of mine. Do you share any of them?


a state of affairs that makes urgent demands

Two memories of exigencies came out of this post, one from childhood and one from just last month!


ingrained habit, prejudice, activity, or interest

Is inveterateness always a good or bad thing?


having little or no money

Every year at Christmas we celebrate an impecunious couple and their baby born into poverty.

And that is the end of my 2022 Wednesday Words review!

Now it’s your turn for a review. I’ve got a freebie for you, available only this week. Why only this week? Because it’s your very own 2022 Year in Review printable, and next week will be next year already!!

Lifetimes are composed of moments and memories. Take a few minutes to write down your thoughts and impressions from over the last year, and you might be surprised at just how much happened in a short 12 months.

Each month I will be offering a new free printable for you to download. Subscribe here so you don’t miss any!

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