Four pictures of Christmas symbols

Christmas Compilation

Through the last four Sundays we’ve been anticipating today, when we celebrate the arrival of the Light of the World.

This Christmas is a difficult one for many in my circle who are grieving the loss of loved ones, facing serious medical issues, carrying heavy financial burdens, or simply struggling with the never-ending pressures of everyday life.

If you fall into one of those categories, I am praying that the Light of Jesus begins to glow in your heart and bring warmth to your soul today, lifting your eyes and brightening your view with hope.

The scriptures quoted in these Advent posts apply to life while we wait Jesus’ return.

Collecting Hope

A simple collection of verses to bring hope to your heart this Christmas.

Wooden Christmas manger scene ornament

Compounding Peace

Glittery white dove Christmas tree ornament

“We have been given the great, undeserved gift of peace with God, if we choose to accept it! May we share that peace with others in our lives.”

Contemplating Joy

Wooden Manger Scene under palm plant

“Joy is not necessarily tied to current circumstances, but is anchored by hope in God’s character and his promises . . . Jesus came as a baby over 2,000 years ago, but one day he will return as the reigning King over all the earth. Today you can choose joy anchored in the expectant hope of seeing him face to face when he comes again!”

Considering Love

This post encourages us to receive, respond to and reflect God’s love, then turn and resolve to live in love toward others.

Glass Christmas Tree Manger Scene ornament

Merry Christmas, friends! May hope, peace, joy, and love grow in your life as you pursue following Jesus with your whole heart.

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