Pictures from the year on title page

2022 in Review: Photo Edition

Welcome to my stroll down memory lane, thanks to my handy dandy phone camera!

January was cold, as evidenced by this cold wet stuff hanging around.

Then a little over a week into February we were in sunny, warm Florida!

March brought a confused turkey to our driveway.

I had a sunny birthday in April!

Lauri Hawley smiling at the beach, wearing a pink vest and blue eyeglasses
So this is 52!

May was busy. We drove to Damascus, Virginia for Trail Days, a book I contributed to was released, and we captured a swarm of honeybees from our front yard!

Hubby and I hiked for a few days in the White Mountains of New Hampshire in June.

July was full of visits to and discoveries in my flower garden, with a family vacation to New Hampshire thrown in for good measure!

August was just plain hot. I spent a lot of time inside, so no pictures to share from that month.

September began cooling down a bit, and there were plenty of discoveries still waiting for me out among the flowers.

I spent a bit of time taking free online courses in October — nothing much to show you in the way of pictures there!

November took us to Arizona before we celebrated Thanksgiving at home with family.

December was spent making new friends and being surprised by frosty windows and snowflakes.

Closeup of frost on window pane

Now here we are at the end of December, preparing to step into a new year.

On that note, I have a new freebie for you to download and print that will help you look back at 2022!

Lifetimes are composed of moments and memories. Take a few minutes to write down your thoughts and impressions from over the last year, and you might be surprised at just how much happened in a short 12 months!

Thank you for taking time with me to look back over this year. If you’d like to travel with me through 2023 as well, you are welcome to subscribe below!

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