Yellow "Looking Ahead" in brush script against a yellow watercolor background

Looking Ahead

I want to share my blog plans for the year with you, along with a free printable for January!

Word of the Year: Creation

This is the first year I’ve chosen a word to focus on for an entire year. Since it’s my first time, I’m taking baby steps and using one that naturally dovetails with most of my blog content.

My plan is to write content related to the days of creation, using two months to write about each day:

    January – February Day 1Light
    March – AprilDay 2Sky
    May – JuneDay 3Land, Seas, and Plants
    July – AugustDay 4Sun, Moon, and Stars
    September – OctoberDay 5Water Creatures and Birds
    November – DecemberDay 6Land Animals and Humans

    Romans 1:20 says, “For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God.”

    As I write through the days of Creation I will explore what nature teaches us about God as well as how it parallels living this life as a follower of Jesus.

    Jesus used parables often when he was teaching his disciples, and I believe nature provides endless parables for us to learn from.

    Expanding my Horizons

    Colorful Creativity

    Based on my “Creation” theme and knowing that God created me to create, I am diving into a new creative outlet: watercolor painting.

    Please don’t laugh at my simple beginning, but here is my first masterpiece! I plan to share my meager attempts as I go along so I’ll be able to look back and see my progress.

    Watercolor painting, yellow against shades of gray

    Wednesday Words

    I’m sure you’ve heard that a good writer is a good reader. I plan to continue my Wednesday Words series as I come across new-to-me words in my reading.

    Feel free to use these words in your own vocabulary expansion writing, unless you’re already familiar with them!

    Printable Creations

    I will also be sharing printables that I have created each month. These printables have next-to-nothing to do with my Creation theme, but are tied to monthly observances. For example, January is National Soup Month, and I’ve got a weekly checklist below to help you celebrate each week! Print out as many copies as you’d like.

    These are just freebies from me to you! I have fun creating them, and I hope they are fun and/or useful for you.

    Join my journey of discovery, and follow my blog below!

    As a thank you for reading, here’s your free January printable:

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