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Explore: Five Minute Friday Prompt


Explore what?

There are so many opportunities before us that call out for exploration! Nature, relationships, knowledge, libraries, communities, science, and so many more avenues to learn, engage, and experience . . .

For what is exploration without experience? Simply head knowledge.

Each branch of exploration requires different tools.  

Feeling the soft grass of summer under bare feet . . . running hands lightly over the coarse bark of a tree . . . digging fingers deep down into the moist soil after a heavy rain . . . all require the sense of touch, and exploration builds new links in our brains. New memories to call on during dark days.

We need to get outside and explore what God has created for us, as well what He has created us for!

This post is part of the Five Minute Friday Link-up — check it out and join in the fun!

12 thoughts on “Explore: Five Minute Friday Prompt”

  1. Outside! Yes!!! My very favourite place, the place where I feel closest to God, the place where I pray more and deeper, the place where I marvel at God the Creator and His marvellous creation.
    Just stopped by from FMF #18

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