Glorious Goldenrod

I love the bright, happy, sunny appearance of goldenrod in the autumn, when the days are getting cooler and the trees are beginning to turn red, orange, pale yellow and brown.

We’ve got two volunteers growing on our property, and although they’re both goldenrod, they’re not the same. See if you can spot any differences in the flowers.

The yellows are almost too bright to make out! But the first plant has blooms spread out along the stalk, while the second has them clustered together more.

And then take a look at this cultivated one in a nearby landscape:

Just look at all those full blooms nestled tightly together! What a burst of sunshine on a cloudy day!!

But wait, here’s another one. Hubby and I were out in the western part of the state a few weeks ago, and I caught a few frames of this beauty along with a visitor or two.


Each variety of goldenrod has a beauty all its own.

All goldenrod, but not one of them will at any point become any of the others. Each has become the beauty it was created to be.

And that’s our thought for today! Become who God created you to be.

Yes, you belong to the family of God. Yes, you are a follower of Christ, just one of countless others around the world. Yes, you are called to love and serve and be humble and use what he has given you to further his kindom, but the way you live all those things out is unique.

Bring all who claim me as their God, for I have made them for my glory. It was I who created them.

Isaiah 43:7 NLT

God created you with a design and a purpose all your own.

There are things that come easily to you that others stumble over.

You have gifts and talents that bring beauty and order into the chaos, helping others find their way out of the tempest.

You have an eye to see what others overlook.

You have an ear that hears what others are deaf to.

You have a voice that is yours and yours alone.

Pick up your head, my friend! Be glorious goldenrod in a land of falling leaves, bringing bright beauty into cloudy conditions. We need the YOU God created you to be!

Kate Motaung encourages us with a five-minute writing prompt every Friday. Today’s prompt was “Become”, but I broke the rules and went way longer than five minutes. If you’d like to join in the fun, check out her link-up here!

©Lauri Hawley 2022

8 thoughts on “Glorious Goldenrod”

  1. So beautiful. I can’t say that I have payed much attention in the past to floral fabrics but now that I have three girls and florals are very much BACK IN, I’ve just been marvelling at how many different unique fabrics they are, sometimes it’s so hard to choose their clothes cause they are all so beautiful and then THEY want to choose their clothes and they have different tastes to me. How much more so are there unique differences in nature!

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  2. So interesting. I didn’t know that there were different varieties of goldenrod. I like how you tied it in to God’s creative design, not only for flowers, but for each of us!

    Liked by 1 person

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