Webster's new World Dictionary, Concise Edition (1960) lying open on a desk

Capacious: Wednesday Words

As a youngster, I had a capacious playground around our house that spread from under trees and through cornfields, and along a woodland creek that meandered through cow pastures.

Our playground in elementary school was capacious as well to my young eyes, but perhaps it would not seem so to me now! Immense spaces somehow shrink as we age.

Words on a dictionary page beginning with cap
From Webster’s New World Dictionary, Concise Edition ©1960

What never shrinks, no matter how long we journey through this life? The capaciousness of God’s knowledge of our hearts, fully met by his vast love, grace, and mercy for those who seek him.

And there you have this week’s Wednesday Words post (click the link to read about my undertaking). I’d love to have you along for the fun!

Write a post using the word “capacious,” and include a link back to this post so I don’t miss your creation. Let’s improve our craft together!

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