The Original Biophilic Designer

For a great number of us, nature calls loudly. It calls us out of our neat, hard-walled boxes and into the wild. Sadly, we can’t always answer that call, and must remain for the time being inside the confines of our manmade dens.

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Separation or Reconciliation?

Have you ever read your Bible and missed the common thread tying several passages together because the sections have different settings?

In addition, the added section headings can help us see the main point when we’re reading through Scripture, but sometimes they can break up an even bigger theme and make us miss it altogether.

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Scripture Writing Resources

One of the ways we can interact more deeply with the Bible when we read is by taking the time to write out specific verses that impact us.

I have recently joined two groups via Facebook that encourage writing out Scripture verses, each with a different focus. I will share them with you and invite you along for the journeys if you’re interested!

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